I watched The Matrix, I found it was very intellectual and contained a lot of messages behind it which I researched into further. I took lots of notes from the film which I will put into my sketchbook. It involved ideas which related to the bible and probably Satanism. There is a 2nd Matrix which appeared to have subliminal messages in it also. I also found the film 'teddy bears picnic) from 2000, the person who wrote it said it was inspired by Bohemian Grove, the satanic place of worship in america which lasts a few weeks in the summer each year, it includes people in power, George Bush included has been photographed being there and having involvement. At some point I want to watch this as it will be very useful to establish my own ideas towards my final outcome. I hope to watch both films if I can find a source to view them. Looking at youtube clips, films, books, quotes of speakers, has influenced a lot of my ideas, I have found the more research I have done, the more knowledge I have gathered and understood, the better my work and ideas has become. I plan to keep this up so my final outcome is very developed and highly intellectual in exposing 'boundaries within communication- government, media or otherwise related. Explore any subjects that we are not told openly, thinking about how society would feel about this act of deception.

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