I watched an episode from The Simpsons which included a 'stonecutter song'  it appeared to be based on the illuminati and Homer was trying to join it, and he was able to because he was related to a freemason, which was his father. He had to have a ceremony to welcome him into it. The members thought Homer was the 'chosen one' and he had instant power, he could have whatever he wanted and was given different rights to normal people, treated better and differently. They ended up abandoning Homer when he tried to make changes which were good and had good benefits for citizens and on society. They did not like this they wanted to be evil and they changed the location of the meeting and the name of the organisation so people wouldn't know about it, to keep it secret. I thought this had so much subliminal messaging and this is what young children watch, it is not setting a good example for them. Also how TV and the things you watch can have such an effect on you. I read that a man watched eminems song '3am' which has a lot of hidden meaning and involves him being seated in a blood bath, this man killed his wife after listening to it, the same type of way that was being projected in the video and lyrics. The lyrics are quite sinister, also a lot of lyrics very openly worship the devil, which a lot of young people don't realise they just listen to it without understanding the words or the meaning behind it. (a song called killuminati) Doing Conceptual art has made me realise that really everything in the world has a concept or idea behind it, whether strong or weak. 

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