I have been exploring deep ideologies in my work, which I feel has heightened the quality and context of the development outcomes I have created so far. I have noticed the style of my work has become more sinister and serious, the more I've gone into it. I am happy with the types of emotion I have been producing. I think art is an instant way of seeing into the mind of the person who created it and what inspired it. It is a spiritual communicator that can make you understand to some extent the content of the piece or the energy that surround it. I want my piece to have deep meanings, messages, exposure but without making the piece aesthetically or spiritual perverted or demonic. I want to produce good concepts, that illustrate truths for a good purpose. Researching into the illuminati, I have learnt a lot, many people deny it, make it out to be a joke, or simply don't want to talk about it or permit that it exists. By doing extensive research I have come to conclusions. Drawing on research and quotes that state 'Ignorance is bliss' and want to brainwash people into not believing the truth or wanting to know it. There is a wide source of resources now and the world is highly developed that people could know the truth by searching for it. Even looking at Satanism which backs up these ideas. "slavery is freedom" and "madness is sanity" , "murders sell more newspapers than garden club meetings" "The fact is throughout history a bad guy has been needed so that those who are right can flourish" These statements seemed to speak such truth as Earth is controlled by Satan, I watched videos of president figures and people in power saying they went to Bohemian Grove which is a place of Satanic worship and masonic ritual. I think this is shocking to think these people run our countries. Many people know the government and media is corrupt but do not understand the true meaning of why it is or the information surrounding these people that do it. I want to explore topics like this which are not projected in newspapers, and when it is reporters are being silenced and killed. Through the boundaries of communication I want to explore how we are sometimes told related subjects but not given the full picture or distorted facts. This is my aim which I am continuing to decipher and exposing ideas and free speech I have looked at protesting also there has been protesting on reporters being killed.

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