I am happy with the progress I am making currently. I have established my goals from now till I finish. I have decided my final outcome will be a mixed media performance which be projected from a modern day TV screen. I have bought several items to use for it off the internet and ebay. I have purchased morph suits for the suspects (messengers of deception) and also for the murdered culprit. My plan for the murdered person is to stuff a morph suit using material, stuffing or anything I can get my hand on. On the surface of the material my thoughts were to have a layer or rough, tacky plaster as a surrounding base. Then I would attach anything related to the body as 'clues' or any vital evidence the victim left behind as to why they were killed. The body is dead because they spoke their mind, facts, and the truth, and has had a serious consequence. I'm exploring using the title 'Who killed political correctness' for my work (without question as it is well know who did) to be used cynically and ironically. (Exploring the politically correct becoming politically incorrect) An action within the public eye which can put you at danger. I was inspired by exploring conspiracy theories, facts not adding up and famous celebrities or presidents(people in power) being killed because they said too much. My suspects will be types of people that are blamed within media for being the problem, needing to stay away from or killed. Suspect 1: Useless eater. - consumerist that doesn't do any good, fat, lazy and a possible excuse to reduce global population. (materials include, doughnuts, possibly food rubbish/packaging, pink/purple paint. paint.Suspect 2: Happy aliens - world is deceived to believe in aliens, they are hybrids/nephilim which are the product of fallen angels and an human woman. The government will use aliens to create the new world order and say there is an invasion- but will be demons. (materials: foil, bin bags). Suspect 3: Humans as a disease, a cancer of the planet. (types of people taking the blame, blamed for issues in the world) - (this made me think of how Hitler blamed Jews for the economic break down and convinced the citizens this was the case, and they had to find a solution to the problem- The Final Solution), it made me think of how world events were repeating themselves and how it would be like the days of Noah again. I want to research this story further in the bible to use as inspiration for forming ideas on my piece. (materials-latex). 

Doing all these research has amazed me to how much I have found out including about Presidents, (JFK), Princess Diana's death, Satanic rituals, blood baths, Bohemian Grove, Government involvement of the things of Satan, the people that control countries, bankers, how the media and newspapers play a big role. Newspapers printing similar stories over and over, mostly negative, looking at people as puppets, with people controlling them, spirits of control. I have wanted to explore every possible angle surrounding boundaries of communication - government control and deception within the media, that we are not being told the full story, all the facts not adding up. In my performance the real murderer will not be found because 'there was too much evidence to form a conclusive finding' (irony, truth, coverups). (thinking of previous examples). I have been able to use this knowledge to start forming intellectual and developed concepts and producing outcomes.

I have now finished my first sketchbook, which is full of drawings, plans, notes, experimentation of materials, failed ideas and research which I found of particular interest. Tomorrow is the first day back from Easter holiday, I will be able to buy a new sketchbook and start filling it with information and outcomes, which I have printed out ready to stick in. It will be valuable to hear from tutors and refer to the work of other students to what what they are doing and if there are any areas within my work I need to improve on or expand further. Also I am intrigued to see how we will be working as the studios have been altered to become a gallery space.

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