I should have started my final outcome and be at a good stage for completing it. I will continue to construct it and finish it this week. I will continue to do experiments towards the final outcome and continue to experiment with textures and the emotion throughout. I will continue to research and evidencing on workflow and in my sketchbook. Explore the space for the exhibition and decide in what position I would like to display my work. 

I will need to plan how I will transport it to Kings Cross for the Exhibition and think about the space I will be exhibiting it in and think about the piece I am making and make sure I am happy with how it looks and make any amendments needed. I need to make sure I am going to meet the deadline for the final assessment for next week. I need to plan out any last minute changes I need to do or if there is anything I need to finish or catch up on. 

Archway, Kings Cross for taught days and work from home on sketchbook and workflow. Space in Exhibition. 

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