This week studios will not be open. I will be working on workflow, making sure I have evidenced everything I do and show my progression in my sketchbook. I can research online to see if there are any new exhibitions worth going to, to help me with my ideas, to take away elements that I can use to inspire or influence. Make final amendments to ideas of what I am going to be displaying in the exhibition and form final judgements. 

Plan out at the start of the week, what I wish to achieve and also next week. Reflect daily to ensure I am getting all my ideas out and evidenced. If I am in need of more ideas, I can explore the outside world, and draw inspiration from government or political stories and continue to collect newspapers and take notes from them. 

Studios are not open. I will work from home, and can use the library at Kings Cross, and explore whether there are any books that will be beneficial at other libraries at UAL sites. Galleries. 

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