Powerful money ritual(From book of the secret)

You will need 3.white candles,, and candle,money oil draw,table with white sheet and incense.


Before you start this ritual make sure that you are not disturbed in any way.It is good to take a cold shower and not eat anything.But it is optional.It is takes the time to prepare everything but it is worth of to try.It is really work but you must to believe with all your heart.I have got many times money.I lost original spells but i still remeber something and it is very simmiliar.Candles are most important and faith.This ritual will not work only for the sake to have money.

1.step.Arrange candles 2.white use like a altar for ritual.3.white candle put to the middle,above the white put gold candle,from white to the left put red and from white to the right green candles.If you arranged those candles you must to dress them up with oil.The best from the middle up and from the middle down.Now your candles looks like triangle.

Now light altar first and incense and sit quite.Concentrate and relax.2.step;Light white candle which represent you and concentrate on yourself.3.step;Light green candle for money.As you light you can say if we need money we must to strive to obtain it.It can be earned or not bring safely to me.It is said that Gods will provide help if there is urgent want now is my urgent want.Supply and make me sufficient.4.step;Light gold candle for attraction.Concentrate on attraction of money.Visualize money coming to you.5.step;Light red candle of the power.Visualize yourself like you have money in your possesion.Now sit for the moment.After 5.minutes you can say "Gods of the universe thank you for the money i received from you.As i have willed this so may it be done"6.step;Extinguish candles in reverse motion.And repeat the ritual following day moving gold,red and green candles closer to the white. One more thing keep this ritual secret.

© Ruth Zoe Andreas, all rights reserved