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The image above is an illustration by William Grill,an artist who I was inspired by when doing my colourful pencil drawing. I was also inspired by his layout, and would like to take it further by creating a series of small pencil drawings of the contents of my house and present them all on one piece of paper similar to Grill.

This image on the right is a drawing by Suzanne Treister, I was inspired by the work i found of hers in the book 'DATA FLOW'. They inspired me to create a map/large drawing of my family, my house, and some of the objects in my house, accompanied by written words. I thought this would suit my style of linear black drawings, and I thought it would be interesting to look at. I think it is successful and I have received a lot of compliments. The most successful thing about it for me personally is the fact that it draws the viewer in to look at the detail and the drawings and the writing, which i found happens as i show it to my friends and family. But i also think it looks nice from affar. However i feel i could of made it look more like an actual overall drawing, like Treister, instead of a jumbled mess of indicidual drawings, which is how i feel it looks a little.

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