The entire film plays with Christian imagery and the Occult symbolism, subverting tropes and making the holy unholy. Just like West's entire show. A significant part that sticks to you is when 'White Jesus' is introduced to the stage. Kanye West specifically chose to call him 'White Jesus' for reasons that are blatantly obvious. He recently commented on having to use his “white voice” and why America is living through a “clash of the classes”, which is why he decided to have a guy represent 'White Jesus' on stage. This also explains why the color of his masks are so important to the message, since he starts off with a black one, and transitions into white towards the end of the show, during the mock-up ceremony initiated by the women dressed in white cloaks. Showing how important it is for him to be accepted by the white masses in order to gain more power to ascend as a God. 

His Martin Margiela masks could also hint at other pop culture phenomenons such as the 1970s classic rock movie "Phantom of the Paradise", a modern-day version of "Phantom of the Opera", a book highly filled with occult symbolism. If you watch the movie, you will get quite a bit of insight on the workings of the music industry. The story is based on how decisions are solely made by the dark people who lead the puppet show, represented by the Church of Satan. These are the elites who run the world on the basis of shaping society through brainwashing imagery that distract the masses from the truth.

A significant part of the show, where Kanye talks to the crowd for a long period of time (about 13 minutes to be exact), is very important to tie in the whole thing together. The Tarot Deck contains thirteen cards of each suit in the minor arcana. The Death card is numbered 13. Like many representations of thirteen, it represents the end of one thing, only to lead to a new beginning. The human body has thirteen major joints. In the ancient runic alphabet, the thirteenth rune symbolized the end of a cycle and the new beginning that followed. Witches covens have thirteen members. The final step on the ladder before Egyptians souls reached to their eternal rest is the number thirteen. The entire show was a perfect mix of Good represented by visuals that are dark. Inflicting an unconcious idea of Good vs. Evil to mass audiences around the world. There is a good reason why the show leaves you feeling a bit uneasy, not knowing what you just watched, or what the reasoning is behind all of this was. It's all part of the Old World Order's agenda. 

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