Celebs who have made the " PACT

Sold my soul, from heaven into hell.” - 30 Seconds to Mars “Sell his soul for cheap. Let’s make a deal, sell me your soul. Designer of the devil.” - 50 Cent “I sold my soul to the devil in L.A” - Aaron Lewis “Some sell their soul for the easy road. The devil’s always buying. I can’t count the ones I’ve known who fell right into line.” - Aaron Tippin “‘I sold my soul to the devil.” - Abi Titmuss “I’m just a demon that means well. Freelance for God, but do the work of Satan.” - Ab-Soul “Hey Satan, pay my dues. I’m gonna take you to hell, I’m gonna get ya Satan.” - AC/DC “There’s plenty of money to be had. But you also lose your soul.” - Alan Alda “And tempt the soul of any man. Between the devil and me. The gates of hell swing open.” - Alan Jackson “Dr. Dre told me he sold his soul to the devil for a million bucks.” - Alonzo Williams “The dark covers me and I cannot run now.” - Amy Winehouse “I sold my soul.” - Andrew W.K. “But when it comes time to decide your fate, they’ll sign you on the line right next to Satan. Cause’ they don’t care about us. They just use us up.” - Asher Roth “I sold my soul to the devil.” - Aubrey Plaza “Dance with the devil. I want ya, yes I do.” - Bad Company “See God gave us the talent, but the devil make us famous.” - Barry Sanders “I sold my soul to the devil for seven wishes.” - Bedazzled: movie “Satan is my master. He has always been.” - Ben Folds Five “Sold my soul. Bought these devil chains.” - Bette Midler “I felt something else come into me.” - Beyonce “I wanna go to hell.” - Biggie “Bout to inhale like I’m finnin to see Satan.” - Big Sean “I’m rollin’ with Satan, not Jesus Christ. I’m the only son of the devil.” - Big L “I sold my soul to the devil.” - Bill Kelliher “My family is under attack by Satan, I’m scared for daughter Miley.” - Billy Ray Cyrus on Miley Cyrus “I’m half crazy but I know the Devil real. I should know, I signed a record deal.” - Bishop Lamont “Prayin to Satan. Satan done got me.” - Bizarre “I’m paying the price now for selling my soul.” - Black Sabbath “I met the devil and I sold my soul.” - Bloodsimple “I made a bargain with him, the chief in a world we can’t see. (devil)” - Bob Dylan “The devil took me by hand.” - Bon Jovi “He went solo, sold his soul to the devil.” - Boo-Yaa T.R.I.B.E “Want me to sell my soul.” - Bow Wow “I could really try new things. That was Satanism, it works really well, I made a pact.” - Brad Pitt “I’m a slave for you. Dancing in the dark.” - Britney Spears “Dancing in the dark. Does fortune wait or just the black hand of fate, It’ll take your God filled soul. Fill it with devils.” - Bruce Springsteen “Many have tried to go into the night. But that’s the price we pay when we living on the other side. Tell the devil I said hey when you get back to where you’re from. I’ve been locked out of heaven.” - Bruno Mars “I never knew that I would see the day that I would meet the devil himself.” - Busta Rhymes “I sold my soul to the devil.” - Cage ”I trade my soul for a wish.” - Carly Rae Jepsen “Leaning up against the record machine, He’s the devil in disguise. A snake with blue eyes. And he only comes out at night.” - Carrie Underwood “I sold my soul to the devil.” - Chris Palko “She’s a fallen angel (Lucifer), waitin’ for me to love her.” -Chris Brown “Given Satan himself this free promotion.” - Chris Webby “So now the devil’s in my soul.” - Christina Aguilera “The day the deal went down, I heard the sound of a hellbound. I sold my soul, signed it on the dotted line, and it was easy. Found of the legends of the crossroads.” - Danko Jones “To offer you a contract. You will rather sell your soul to Satan.” - Dark Shadows: movie “Cause’ I sign a deal with the devil.” - David Banner “Rock’s always been the devil’s music.” - David Bowie “I sell my soul to the devil” - David Hutto “I got a dark soul. Dancing in the dark.” - Dev “I sold my soul, cold as ice.” - Dissection “I have sold my soul and now the devil’s laughing.” - Disturbed “Speaking of the devil, well here he comes now. Got my defenses down. And I’d go through hell to make him mine.” - Dolly Parton “No angel born in hell. Could break that Satan’s spell. I saw Satan laughing with delight the day the music died.” - Don McLean “Devil came to me and he said: I know what you need. You will burn in hell.” - Dover “If you sell your soul to the devil, you get more grain.” -Drake “I sold my soul to the devil.” - DMX “I sold my soul.” - Eagles of Death Metal “Dancing with the devil.” - Earl Sweatshirt “Get thee behind me Satan, and push me along. I’m kin to the devil.” - Eazy-E “I sold my soul and then time takes its toll, forever I stay damned.” - Edge of Sanity “It cost me my soul out of control in a devil’s world. I sold my soul.” - E.D.I. “My soul is to sell. The dark is too hard to beat ‘cause they’re calling me.” - Ellie Goulding “You sold your soul at the crossroads. Devil, Satan, Satan.” - Elton John “Because I’m evil.” - Elvis Presley “I sold my soul to the devil. I’m going to hell. I’m headed to hell. I want the money, the women, the fortune, and the fame. That means I’ll end up burning in hell scorching in flames. Satan’ll be in to see me later to see if I’m interested in being partners. You remember that night you, prayed to god you’d give anything to get a record deal? Devil worshippin’, Satan music.” - Eminem “I’ve come to believe my souls on the other side. Without a soul. Save me from the dark. I sold my soul. Don’t try to fix me.” - Evanescence “The devil creep around you. Your soul is sold.” - Faithless “Deal made with the devil. I sold my soul.” - Falling in Reverse “A contract with the devil for a life of disdain. I sold my soul.” - Fear Factory “But once you change your name, well the pieces fall. Hollywood’s Not America. You could make a million dollars, but you might lose yourself.” - Ferras “The devil comes and soon my subconscious and conscious might start to brawl. As this cunning demon takes me as its voodoo doll.” - Fergie “And to take your soul. I’m damned so here’s to drinks in the dark at the end of my road. And I’m ready to suffer, found the devil in me.” - Florence and the Machine “Are they allowed to keep their soul? How do they get so successful?” - Food Inc. movie “I’m the devil’s advocate. We have our own worshipers.” - Frank Zappa “I sold my soul for this.” - Fun. “I sold my soul to the devil.” - Gare Du Nord “It’s a vocal point to express my Satanism.” - Glen Benton “I graduated into the occult.” - Hall & Oats “The devil had spoke, said, you wanna be somebody, sign on the line. I sold my soul.” - Hellyeah “The devil comes to bring a fate you couldn’t imagine in your wildest dream.” - Hilary Duff “Met the devil, made a deal for it.” - Hollywood Undead “You are the prince of darkness. Hell born, demonic.” - Ice Cube “Sold my soul.” -Iron & Wine “Sold my soul to Satan. I’ve been dancing with the devil. So when you get to hell you can say you know me. I’m easily attracted by the dark side. Devil keep following.” - J. Cole “I love Satan. Satan sells tickets.” - Jack Black “Satan is around y’all. Devil on your shoulder.” - Jadakiss “Love the devil.” - Ja Rule “Lookin at me like I’m Lucifer, cause he know I will deal with his case. Gon’ try and fit in with the Devil, I am on another seat” - Jason D. Harrow “See them demons and them omens staring at you, mind control, they want your soul. If he don’t see a dollar, somebody visiting Satan” - Jay Rock “Never prayed to God, I prayed to Gotti, that’s right it’s wicked, that’s life I live it. Ain’t askin’ for forgiveness for my sins. I gotta get my soul right, I gotta get these Devils out my life. Lord forgive him, He got them dark forces in. connected to the high power.” - Jay-Z “But if we’re hellbound, whatever, let’s go down.” - J. Black “I have the devil in me.” - Jerry Lee Lewis “I sold my soul to the devil.” - Jesse Malin “I sold my soul.” - Jill Sobule “To hell with the devil. I’m selling my soul to you.” - Jim Bianco “There ain’t no bibles in Hollywood. I’m pretty hip since I’ve been worshiping the dark one.” - Jim Carrey “I made a deal with the devil for a whole lot of money.” - Jimmy Buffett “Working in the dark.” - Johnny Cash “I’ve sold my soul to the devil.” - John Lennon “Don’t sell your soul to have what someone had yesterday. I only know him in the dark. Never took this road before. Yeah, I know that it’s wrong, I do.” - JoJo “I speak for Satan, Satan, Satan. My sweet forsaken Satan, Satan.” - Jonas Brothers “Done a deal with the devil.” - Judas Priest “I had sold my soul for pleasure.” - Judy Collins “Satan is my master.” - Justin Timberlake “I sold my soul to the devil.” - Kanye West “I sold my soul to the devil.” - Kathy Griffin “I sold my soul to the devil” - Katy Perry “Them demons got me. Dear Lord save me! the Devil’s working hard.” - Kendrick Lamar “I wish I know that right from the start, that I was dancing with the dark.” - Ke$ha “The devil tryna rip out my soul. Lost my soul.” - Kid Cudi “I’m down with the devil.” - Kid Rock “I believe in the devil as much as God. You can use either one to get things done.” - KISS “Sold my soul to the devil.” - Krayzie Bone “This devilist bitch is so succulent, taking a piece of my soul every time.” - Kuniva “I will get stoned and worship Satan.” - Kurt Cobain “Judas (Devil) is the demon I cling to. I want your soul.” -Lady Gaga “Stealin’ my eternal soul.” - Lauryn Hill “I had a fall out with Satan. Repeating satanic verses.” - Layzie Bone “It’s nobody’s fault but mine. Try to save my soul tonight. Devil he told me to roll.” - Led Zeppelin “I sold my soul. Blame it on the devil.” - Liam Finn “Devil took my soul.” - Lil B “These devils find a way to get at’cha. All it takes is some green and your face on the screen.” - Lil’ Kim “She got the devil in her, I do whatever I want, hell’s angel. (Lucifer) Dance with the devil. Devil on my shoulder” - Lil Wayne “Sold you soul for a dollar.” - LL Cool J “I got that devilish flow, rock n roll, no halo.” -LMFAO “I see the invisible spirits, where demons still find it livable. I need a hug to hold my soul inside my body.” - Lisa Lopes “Lucifer, oh Lucifer, God of evil, you’re the god of pain, the darkness is where you find your light.” - Ludacris “I love her (Lucifer), with all my heart. She said that she would give me greatness, status, placement above the others. Heavy as heaven, the devil on me.” - Lupe Fiasco “The slice of a soul as a man on the right hand.” - Machine Gun Kelly “I don’t give a damn if I go to hell.” - Madonna “I lost my soul.” - Maps “There’s nothing left this soul to sell.” - Marilyn Manson “I have sold my soul.” - Marina and the Diamonds “Show business is one of the few businesses that the devil will actually agree to own just a portion of your soul, because he knows if you have a performer’s ego, you were probably working for him all along. When you actually meet the devil and he offers you a deal, most artists eventually negotiate.” - Marc Maron “Then was Jesus led up of the Spirit into the wilderness to be tempted of the devil. Again, the devil taketh him up into an exceeding high mountain, and sheweth him all the kingdoms of the world, and the glory of them; And saith unto him, All these things will I give thee, if thou wilt fall down and worship me.” - Matthew 4 “For what profit is it to a man if he gains the whole world, and loses his own soul? Or what will a man give in exchange for his soul?” - Matthew 16:26 “And Larry, respect is what you traded for fame, when you made your deal with Satan.” - Maureen McCormick on Larry, the Cable Guy. “The game is so cold. The boy sold his soul. Devil said ‘I’ma give you the world.’” - MC Hammer “I am the Devil’s advocate.” - Megadeth “If your ultimate goal is to be famous, then you’re going to do a lot to get there like sign your name in blood in a contract with the devil.” - Melyssa Ford “To the devil his due, I sold my soul.” - Mercyful Fate “I wish to sell my soul, to be reborn. Devil take my soul, with diamonds you repay. I will burn in hell from the day I die.” - Metallica “With devil worship and satanic verses.” - Method Man “Sell my soul to him.” - Midnight Oil “I sold my soul to the devil.” - Micah LeVar Troy “In the devil’s game. Even sell my soul to the devil.” -Michael Jackson “I walked along that slippery slope where if you fail through lack of faith, you sell your soul to the devil.” -Michelle Shocked “Sold their souls, Satan.” - Morifade “Demonic, that’s what we are.” - Motley Crue “Sold my soul.” - Murderdolls “I cried in desperation, bowed to evil sorcery. I sold my soul to the devil.” - Nazareth “I made a deal with the devil. I sold my soul.” - Never Shout Never “I don’t want to end up losing my soul.” - Nicki Minaj “I sold my soul for the second time, cause’ the man don’t pay me.” - Noel Gallagher “Ja sold his soul.” - Obie Trice on Ja Rule “There’s a bunch of devil worshippers in Hollywood. They be throwing the signs. All of them. The devil is real. It seems to be a price on it. It seems to be some contract you sign with the devil.” - Paul Mooney “He sold his soul to the devil for worldly power.” - Phantom of the Paradise: movie “Made ya’ deal with the devil, but you sold your soul.” -Pimp C “”Lucifer Sam, always sitting by your side. He releaseth my soul for he has great power.” - Pink Floyd “They sell their soul but the devil knows I have no number.” - Pitbull “The devil wanders into my soul.” - PJ Harvey “This soul’s been sold.” - Poisonblack “Dance with the devil. He wants your soul.” - Prince “I find only demons. I be the hatred in your eyes and the Satan in your lives.” - Proof “But how you sell soul to souless people who sold their soul? I guess we all got stole on by some of the same cats that sold ya soul.” - Public Enemy “Sold my soul.” - Pusha T “Sellin’ devil their soul.” - Raekwon “Sold your soul to the devil.” - Reaper: movie “I’ve done made a deal with the devil.” - Red Adair “First of all, we want to thank Satan.” - Red Hot Chili Peppers “Took an oath, I’ma stick it out to the end.” - Rihanna “Hello Satan, it’s time to go. Me and the devil, walkin’ side by side.” - Robert Johnson “Cause’ I live with Satan.” - Robert Plant “I took whatever the devil offered me.” - Robin Thicke “I signed a deal with Satan because I wanted to get famous. Than I forgot I had a deal with Satan and then I got really famous.” - Roseanne Barr “I made a pact with the devil. I signed a deal with my maker, Satan’s my record company.” - Royce da 5’9 “I got a Lucifer soul. I’ll be the Devil’s son, Devil’s work, gettin’ work.” - Schoolboy Q “I’m selling my soul to Hollywood Records. I love you like a love song baby (The song was a dedication to Lucifer and the song backmasked says ‘he ate my soul’.) I’m torn I’m selling my soul to the rhythm because I’m become so possessed with the music he plays. I chose a path and I’m not looking back.” - Selena Gomez “So many sold their souls.” - Shad “I sold my soul to the devil.” - Shelton Hank Williams “Leased my soul to the Devil with the option to buy.” -Shyne “First of all, want nothing so bad, you sell your soul to get it. Have some kind of parameters of what you are before you come here.” - Sinbad “Warriors from the gates of hell, in lord Satan we trust.” -Slayer “Why not sell my soul and go on Jersey Shore? And that’s what I did.” - Snooki “I see demons. So relax your soul let me take control.” -Snoop Dogg “He sold his soul to the devil.” - Son House “Blue eyed devil. Six hundred and sixty six.” - Soul Coughing “I made a deal with the devil and sold my soul.” - Spice 1 “I don’t need to sell my soul, he’s (devil) already in me.” -Stone Roses “I’m a prisoner of a demon, this must be my punishment for selling my soul.” -Suicidal Tendencies “They call me devil boy. You’re gonna operate in hell.” - Tech N9ne “Well you made a deal with the devil, and now your soul is mine. You sold it for eternity when you signed that dotted line. Like a lifeless little pawn, money, pleasure wrapped in leather; fortune and fame. Sell your soul.” - The Creepshow “Instead of doing your deal with the devil.” - The Dark Knight “Ask for the devil and he shall appear.” - The Dark Knight Rises “You’ve got your demons. I’ve got a few of my own.” - The Eagles “He lost his soul to a woman so heartless.” - The Fray “Walking on top of the devils roof. Walk through the gates of Hell, see my Impala parked in front.” - The Game “Too bad I sold my soul to the fuckin devil.” - The Pharcyde “Stole many a man’s soul and faith. Just call me Lucifer.” - The Rolling Stones “I sold your soul to the devil.” - The Spookshow “Sold my soul.” - The Used “I’m throwin’ away my soul.” - The Wanted “I sold my soul to the devil.” - This Providence “They’ll rather hand me to Satan.” - T.I “I wanted to marry Lucifer. I feel his presence in my music.” - Tori Amos “The devil’s got a hold of me.” - Travis Barker “I’d sold my soul to the devil.” - Tuck Everlasting: movie “I sold my soul. Sellin’ my soul for material wishes, fast cars and bitches. Am I cold, or is it just I sold my soul?” -Tupac Shakur “I sold my soul to the devil.” - Tyler, the Creator “Satan has a devil put aside for me.” - Queen “Made ya’ deal with the devil, but you sold your soul.” -UGK “Runnin’ with the devil. When I jumped out on that road.” -Van Halen “I sold my soul to the devil.” - Vaya Con Dios “I am possessed by all that is evil. The death of your God, I demand and sit at Lord Satan’s left hand.” - Venom “I sold my soul way down in the dirt.” - Volbeat “The devil entered me.” -Waka Flocka “I wouldn’t wish success on my worst foe. You see, the devil is alive but he work slow. And yea I should’ve seen the signs by my first quote. Devil makes you famous.” -Wale “I sold my soul a long time ago. Signed and sealed. I met him down by the crossroads.” - W.A.S.P. “Sold my soul.” - Willy Mason “Sold my soul.” - Wish “Given to the beast by fate.” - Yelawolf “Married to the game. If we’re dancing with the devil at least teach us how to dance when the son of making dollars.” - Young Jeezy “I have sold my soul. Just sign right here.” - Zakk Wylde “You´ll find he sold his soul to the devil for a shot at the big time.” - Zoolander: movie

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