Reptilian Eye (All seeing eye on the reflection of glass. Reptilian is another word of possessed with demons. Satan is a reptilian, snake, dragon, beast.

Symbolizes devil horns, possessed.

The blood sacrifice/blood bath ritual

The forbidden fruit reference: Takes a bite of one apple and shows the police guard dead; similar to Snow White poisoning, and Lady Gaga “Telephone” poisoning.

The blood bath: the lyrics referencing to that this isn’t the first time he killed a family member; it’s really symbolizing the aftermath of Proof’s blood sacrifice on the 11th. For blood sacrifices contain cousins, family members, and close friends.

The end shows clearly the symbolical masonic temple with the black and white floor and masonic pillars with the window. This all portrayed a masonic ritual killing.

The mannequin is in pieces, with the hospital door opened and light shining in, this means ‘broken-up’ 'break-up’ of alters soon.

Right after his Satanic alter state/demons are broken up as he takes off his hood and jacket, (darkness), wearing a white shirt, his work is done. He’s done with the ritual at the masonic temple shown in the end.

“Evil….Rise” Chanting thoughout the song.

It also shows Eminem back in the forest, waking up. Then looks at his hand, having no memory, screams.

Conclusion: By listening to this song, you can get affected subconciously, the demonic voices and “Evil…Rise” chanting throughout the song, the catchy chorus repeating the killing and murder of demonic possession. True fact: A man killed his family after listening to 3 A.M by Eminem stabbing his 9 year old 11 times with a knife, covered in blood just like Eminem. He said he was possessed and his wife became a demon near 3 A.M. He said he was screaming lyrics from 3 A.M, saying “Here comes Satan, I am the antichrist.” He then killed his children. This man became possessed, this Satanic song mocks the holy trinity hour; the devil’s hour. This greatly shows how music influences people today. There is nothing 'good’ out of this song but the influence that Satan is good, murdering is ok at 3 A.M. Eminem murders in a masonic temple (masonic ritual sacrificing) and a hospital (rehab/reprogramming) with themes such as: 'blackout’ 'time’ 'mannequin’ 'dazed and confused’ and 'no memory of killing in the first place’.

3 A.M backmasked: “Evil, evil, very evil. Evil. Evil, Evil, evil. Very evil. But we, but we so much love Satan, I give my everything, but he is Satan. Yes. But we, but we so must Satan, follow him. I kill my husband?, he is Satan! Follow him. Yes, but we, but we so must Satan, follow him. He is Satan! He is Satan. But we, but we, so must Satan, follow him. I kill my everything. He is Satan! But we, but we, so must Satan, follow him. Kill my husband?. He is Satan! Follow him. Follow Satan.”

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