Today I am currently developing on my workflow. I am uploading images from the galleries I visited yesterday and evaluating the pieces. I was deliberating whether to go into CSM to get a sketchbook as I failed to get one yesterday. Instead I have decided to work at home on my evaluating and develop my concepts and ideas further, and it will give me time to concentrate on exploring further with materials drawing from inspiration I have collected the past few days. Today I did two development outcomes. For the first I was inspired from the research I have done lately on hybrids, aliens, nephilim. I created my own 'human' that I wanted to create 'in my own image'. Exploring concepts I researched into Satanism, Christianity and the media. Sporty, quirky, eyes bigger than your stomach. The second development idea was inspired by a clip I watched on YouTube today:


There was a discussion, in it where listeners phone up. The lady who phoned up talked very openly and the people on the radio disregarded to some extent what she was saying and cut her off from it as they thought she was talking too much. She said 'RELIGIONS WERE REPTILIAN', 'DRACO CREATED', and spoke of ''BLOOD BATH''. I found this part the most interesting of the clip, which funnily what was spoke wasn't anything to do with the title of the clip. I was inspired by the "BLOOD BATH" which was the foundations of my idea. From it I googled 'blood bath sacrifice/ ritual'. The images and information was shocking, it appeared horrific and demonic. I was shocked to see that there were celebrities imaged in a blood bath also, including Eminem in one of his videos. (Possessed Ritual Killing) I thought about how so many films show these type of ideas, and the future plans of the illuminati, there seems to be a barrier with media and the government yet they meet.

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