Today was very productive and worthwhile. I visited several galleries. One of the exhibitions I visited was called 'Voices over the Horizon' the artist was Evan Roth. I really enjoyed the space, it felt personal, the work was widely spaced out and the style of the work was simple but effective and produced in a modern way. From looking at the work I had the idea that it was about communications in some way. The was a sculpture spaced on the floor, it was not a well known object or of appearance, which is what I liked, I am fascinated by things I don't understand and have to research into the subject further conceptually. It was transatlantic telegraph cables which were wrapped round and round and the wires were twisted, the shape of it reminded me of a pyramid or pointing to a higher matter or influence. There were black and white photographs placed around the object and on a TV was a shown a web link of google maps which images of skulls, TVs and eyes on it. There was a sat nav placed in a glass cabinet which spun round continuously on a spinner. His work explores messages being spread across continents and oceans in a matter of seconds for the first time. There was a series of moving images displayed on the wall, there was an iPhone, the screen was broken and there was a hand moving over it tapping it as if trying to get it to work, like it was broken, and they were trying to resurrect it. In the exhibition there was also an old TV placed on the floor which displayed colour moving images, which seemed to be repeating, with a gold Chinese toy placed in front. This was interesting to see a TV displayed with objects, as for my final piece I am going to display my work on a flat screen TV , I thought of displaying objects with it or whether to include a seat for audience members to sit down on, but have decided against this after today, I will explain why later on, my work will be just displayed on a TV. Whilst I was at the Gallery I had the exciting experience of meeting the artist, he was going around the gallery taking pictures of his work before he finished exhibiting. He told me his work took a while to create it all, he asked my name and shook my hand, I asked to take a picture of him for memory sake. It was really interesting, as I had looked around the gallery and at the work, formed my opinions on the aspects I liked and didn't like and then after to meet the artist. It was interesting to see the type of person he was and how the style reflected on him. There were a lot of amazing galleries in the area, I saw such a range of mediums. This was so useful as I am exploring mixed media. I saw photography, installation, sculpture, performance pieces, drawing, painting. I saw so many artists work it was fascinating to see each aspect of their work, even if it was just the concept that excited me. The range of styles I saw were so diverse, I felt inspired, further using materials in my final piece, including development ideas. I went to 'Scream' Gallery but it was closed getting ready for a new exhibition, but I could see into the space and there were a few art pieces and a lady was organising the work and moving it about. This was interesting to see as I will have to present my work  for exhibition, and take into consideration the space I am displaying my work in, and may have to alter how I present it to suit the environment. I saw the work of Kashya Hilderbrand, I only liked a few of her pieces, it wasn't the style I usually like it reminded me of graphics. However her concepts really interesting me as they were diverse and her works looked all very similar but for her to give a range of titles to it was very interesting.The exhibition was called Memory of a city. Titles: 'Ecstasy of City', 'Something deserves to live for a poem', 'Memory of City', 'A little bit of heaven', 'Elevated Spring', 'Mayadeen', 'Inner Journey', 'City from heaven', 'Happy Talk', Time is Life', 'Remains of City', 'Moment of Lightness', 'Dancing City'. The pieces were mixed media, some included using collage. The title 'Something deceives to live for a Poem' Hilderbrand quoted from a Palestinian Poet Mahmoud Darwish. What fascinated me about it was that from a distance, it was one aesthetically, but on nearer approach, you could see all this detail and it turned into something else. I could make out all these separate patterns and see where collage had been used, I could see all the tones of colour in better definition. Another exhibition I went to was called Around Drawing, it was a selection of artists work shown, in particular I liked the work of Lanfranco Quadrio, The drawings were so abstract and so much detail it was amazing. The Art of 'Lu Chao', Black Forest Cake (2015), was a cake made out of people under a cake cover, but with the people it looked trapped. It reminded me of what Im looking at with useless eater, and maybe I could experiment with using cake also. His concept was interesting part the idea was inspired by Dante's 'damned' wallowing in hell. I went to the exhibition Art First. I saw Jack Milroy, his work was called a Natural world, He had used found materials and altered the purpose of the cutting out the tuna from the tuna tins giving the impression that they were swimming, he cut out books and changed their purpose. One of the pieces was cut and constructed print on film with a lightbox, there was a women placed as if she was drowning submerged within the bottomless sea around pieces of rubbish, including shopping plastic bags like sainsburys and coffee cups and cans. It was as if she was drowning with the rubbish. This was interesting as I have explored using various plastic bags, the technique he used was incredibly skilled. There was also the work of Mimei Thompson, including paintings, titles included, 'The other side of Death', 'Binbag Closeup', 'Green Girl eating', 'Vegetable Head'. This reminded me of aspects in food I am exploring. I visited PiArtworks, and saw the work of Paul Schwer. It was painted sculpture using aluminium. He explores postmodern obsessions with materials of the modern city and works that interact with the viewers sphere. The space was light and light from outside sprawled in through the wide windows. I really liked his work it was so colourful, mixed colour, and multi dimensional. Some of his pieces looked like figures to me, but randomly shaped, there wasnt a subject that I could understand what it was without asking or reading into it. The artist used spray paint, fluorescent tubes and aluminium rods. I went to Pilar Corrials, I saw the work of John Skoog, he had a lot of work on show one piece included a candle which was lit and the flame stayed alight. I visited several other galleries also. I went to the exhibition 'Hard Bass' there was shown the artists work, Jodie Carey and Peter Davydtchenko, his work I particularly enjoyed both conceptually and aesthetically. 'Hard Bass is Power... supremacy decryption.... "We must secure the existence of our people and a future for white children".... 88=H is the 8th letter of the alphabet ergo 88=HH=Heil Hitler. We bring Hard Bass to yourHome 1488. This fascinated we I watched the performance video in a big space, I was the only person their it was a private viewing experience. In his video there were people publicly dancing and some wearing masks including Mickey Mouse head, alien mask, witch, demon mask. One of his pieces included 2 black pig faces on the wall, they looked rubbery and like they were covered in tar. I then went to CSM to buy a sketchbook as I have finished mine but I didn't realise it would be closed early because of holiday, I thought whilst I was there to make most of the time, I would look in my classroom, to see how it had been transformed so far for exhibition. This put everything into perspective, and I could really get a full understanding of how the space would look. The walls were white and the room was sectioned off. For my final Piece I will just exhibit my TV, I may alter the appearance of the TV by adding cardboard to the surrounds of it, but I will just exhibit my TV, I was thinking to present maybe 2 small sculptures next to it or whether I wanted a seat, but as everyones work is going to be closely presented I don't want someone else's piece to obstruct mine by being in the way. I took pictures from this and I also picked up a free art magazine from the college which had really colourful abstract images in it which I could use in the form of a collage and use inspiration from the various galleries I visited today.

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