Today I went to the Alexander McQueen show. It was incredibly set out. So much thought had gone into the layout of the exhibition, including the detail on the walls and the lighting. The lighting was set low and the garments were in the spotlight. There was a lot more to see than I initially thought. There was information on his concepts, it was very insightful. I felt like McQueen really wanted to understand what he was thinking, his ideas seemed to be shoved down you. Words mentioned in the subject of inspiration were ' sadomasochist' and 'melancholy'. For an artist to explore these areas there must have been involved research. To be looking at dark topics constantly can't be very uplifting. Before going to the exhibition I didn't know a lot about the artist. By learning about his concept areas and ideas I started to feel he can't have been happy, I feel art is a way into looking at who a person is, through the art they do they reveal the type of person they are or their interests. I wasn't then surprised about him committing suicide. One selection of his work was inspired by 'photography' by 'Joel-Peter Witkin'. In particular 'Sanatarium 1983'. It was interesting to see how all his work was inspired by 'art' and avante- garde. Quotes: 'Asylum' , 'To do with the politics of the world- the way life is and what beauty is'.

'McQueens second collection for Givenchy, Eclect Dissect told the story of a fictional surgeon who dismembered women in his laboratory and reassembled them as macabre hybrids using bird parts such as skulls, feathers and claws, McQueen took his bow with a live falcon tethered to his wrist.'

I was surprised to see how darkly inspired his work was. Aspects of it reminded me of demons and demonic spirits. Colours were dark, red, black.  

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