Today I was doing further research and found the artist Nick Cave. He uses fabrics. I'm not sure yet if I will be using fabrics in my final outcome but I am enjoying using it in development ideas. In one of his pieces it looks like two massive colourful fabric pillows with a black toy sticking out of the top which reminds me of a gollywog. These were deemed racist by people. The colourfulness of it creates a hysteria atmosphere, and strangely has a lot of effect. I have been exploring this in my own work and lots of meanings and concepts and I have brushed upon looking at slavery. It reminded me of the new world order and the new slaves that would exist. Slave to the power that projects over them. I have been putting ideas down also in my sketchbook and also putting materials I have used for development pieces in as evidence which is another concept relating to the subject topic surround my unit. I am pleased with the topic I have chosen as it is percific but broad to some extent at the same time, it allows me to explore many different viewpoints, facts, evidence, theories and ideologies. I have wanted to explore a range of topics and have small concepts and information to make up a bigger picture, so there is a concept within a concept, a meaning for anything, drawing from inspiration of films I have watched that I have discovered contained a lot of subliminal messages that I would not have noticed or been as well aware of had I not chosen to study this topic. It has opened up my mind to think that nothing is impossible be quicker to believe the truth and not doubt it. Many people are told the truth, given evidence but still believe it to be false, due to the media, governments, newspapers deception and brainwashing, slaves of the state. 

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