At college we were told further information on the exhibition dates. It was crazy to think that after the Easter holidays there would be only 2 weeks left till everyone would be exhibiting. I think this made everything more realistic to me as I'm entering the last stages. I need to stick to my plan and continue to plan my time efficiently. I continued to do research on workflow and I edited the photos of development pieces to upload to workflow. It was interesting to play about the the lighting, contrast and quality of the photos and see how this effected the emotion surrounding the art pieces. Some of my pieces were very colourful, whilst others were dull and had few tones. I liked the effect of both and the contrast by putting the two together. I could use this idea in my final outcome. I have these thoughts towards the outcome, but then saying this my views may well change when I actually come to do it as an aspect may look good in my head but not when its brought to life and put in front of myself.

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