At college I took my laptop in to do my work on as there is not a lot of space to work and its hard to transport my work in also. I thought I would concentrate on workflow and continue to gather information that I found useful to what I was exploring. I have been looking at free speech involving government and media. Looking at free speech within media I have wanted to look at what is printed, has been or is allowed, then researching on the internet and finding types of topics that are not often discussed which should be more, or subjects that are not reported on at all. Events that have had evidence but have been devalued and the witnesses discredited.  These are intriguing ideologies that I can use to surround my work. Using newspaper, cards, 'shown to be a game', plaster possibly modroc. I would have to see about how I would attach the plaster to material, I was thinking or submersing the material in the plaster, but I am not sure whether the paster will just flake and fall off. It will be a good idea to see if theres any information on this process or technique on the internet or on youtube. 

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