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SOL Survival Kit by Cool Material

If you’re trapped outdoors in a do or die, kill or be killed survival situation the last thing you want to be is S.O.L. The first thing you want to have is S.O.L. An admittedly clever play on the familiar S.O.L. acronym, this Survive Outdoors Longer Survival Kit will help you do just that. Between the aluminum foil, knife, LED light, fire striker, whistle, compass, signal mirror, nylon cord, fishing hooks, fishing line and safety wire, this survival kit will turn anyone into MacGuyver faster than you can say up a creek without a paddle.

  • Fits in the palm of your hand
  • ABS plastic waterproof case
  • TinderQuick fire starting tinder
  • 150lb-test braided nylon cord
  • Mil-spec stainless steel wire
  • Emergency sewing and fishing kit
  • Buck Tilton’s survival strategies
  • Flip-up rescue flash signal mirror
  • Fire Lite firestarter
  • Removable compass
  • Folding blade rescue knife

I three things I like the most about this survival kit is that is ti waterproof, that there are survival strategies written and included inside the kit, as well as that it is compact to the size where it can fit in one's hand. Each area of the kit was very well thought out, and I especially like how content are included in the exterior packaging.

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