week 28 - 31/03/15

Finally feeling a sense of relief today having collected my remaining research that has been backed up for some weeks now. Aside from the collection of my research, I will still have to add some tasks to my list, like adding final annotations that were skipped over on Work Flow, adding this new research into my sketchbook, as well as annotating and analyzing the photos/new research in my sketchbook.

I initially planned to do some travelling during the reading (starting on Monday) but realized that I have much more catching up to do than I originally thought. Tomorrow will be a big day for me to get all of this new research into my sketchbook, so I will have to make the time tonight to have everything printed out, that way when I do travel (Thursday) I will have time to add drawings and analysis into my sketchbook while I'm on the train.

Having also emailed Essentra Components this morning, I can expect to receive the sample pieces that I ordered when I arrive back from my trip.

They had three items that look suitable for capping the end of the frosted acrylic tube that I purchased from the 4D Model Shop. Once the compass' and lights that I ordered arrive, I can start playing around with different design modifications to attach the two components together, seeing which option will be the most functional and basic, as well as aesthetically pleasing. This week I will also look at sketching up some initial ideas before they arrive.

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