SELF ASSESSMENT: week 27 - 26/03/15

Like always, the self assessment activity that we did this morning was eye opening. I think that it can be really easy to do really good and to do really bad on this Unit 7 project. It really all comes down to the amount of time you want to put into doing the tasks, but also to do them properly.

It was nice to go over the criteria with the tutors because I was a little confused in fully grasping some of the concepts. 

My biggest issues are will time planning and recording a thorough analysis of my research. Because I didn't know what to really expect when it came to the actual time lime for this project, I find my head wanting to move in a billion directions like, "move on from researching this topic, it's really irrelevant at this point when you need to be focusing on this," vs, "but I listed in my proposal that I want to research this area, so I better research it."

I have found myself rushing about and trying to get stuff into my sketchbook that I am merely adding research photos to Workflow without taking the next step in analyzing it. I need to make sure I don't make this a habit or it will really hurt me toward the due date when I'm scrambling to catch up.

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