week 27 - 24/03/15

I have this idea in my head of what I want my final design idea to be, but I've really been struggling lately with pinning down the actually making techniques and processes that I need to do to get there and produce a final piece.

I need to make sure that every piece of the design is functional and I struggle with knowing how to actually produce specific ideas.

My tutorial with Simon really helped me to feel better and assured me that I don't always have to approach things in a complicated way. He suggested simplifying my design idea for how to change the flash light on the end of the tube to a lantern by using a simple rubber band instead of constructing a complicated metal closure feature.

Sometimes I need to remind myself to stop and think a little more simply. I should start to ask myself questions like, "how can you provide this function so that it's easy for the user to use, but is the most simple to construct."

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