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I have began to introduce more colour to my illustrations, as I always tend to do black linear drawings. I began by using colouring pencils when drawing figures and furniture. The on a 3D task, I explored using colourful Fimo clay to then create figures and mini furniture. I also enjoyed designing figures that would be made out of folded paper. I would like to develop the 3D aspect as it is something I haven't done much of and wouldn't ordinarily chose. Particularly as during one of the lessons in the morning I also cut my finger and had to go to Hospital to get stitches, so I missed most the day.  In the past Week, I have enjoyed exploring colour very much, however it has also meant that I am focusing less of creating graphs and diagrams, and more interested in created drawn illustrations to show the information. In the future I would like to explore ways of combining these two to create an interesting Graph that includes beautiful drawn illustrations.

For example the image to the right that I took out of a book called 'Informational Diagram Collection' I like the use and mixture of an informational factual graph, with the beautiful illustrations and the use of colour and pattern. It transforms the graph into much more than that.

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