I think the ideas I have been exploring so far and the context of my development outcomes are exciting. I have wanted to make things interesting and had the view point that if I find something interesting and be inquisitive about an aspect then so will the audience be. I have enjoyed editing the images that I have taken from outcomes, I have explored performance a lot in my work and taking photographs of human beings, as they are related topics that will be projected in my final outcome. I am happy with my mindset currently, I know what I have to do, and what I have to do to succeed and meet the deadlines. I am on track and hope to stay on track. It is exciting to be exhibiting my work at the end. I am hoping to show my performance video which would be burned onto a dvd and played on a dvd player on a TV. I was thinking also to attach headphones to the TV so the viewing experience would be personal, which is the concept that I am after. A lot of the aspects and ideas from development will be continued throughout the unit and into my end piece. 

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