I have chosen to explore sinister and serious matters within my work. I do not want to present my work to appear happy or as a comedy but have messages to them, I want my work to feel exposing in some way and like its something you should not be seeing somehow. I was wondering if this was something I could explore in how I took photos or videos. For example if it was taken far away or from the angle on the ground up on high up taken down low. This is something I want to look at in future experiments and see the type of effect I get. I was looking at research and on the internet and I was amazed to see how much I could find out and how much factual evidence there was. It just shows all these people in denial about aspects or confused by society or asking whether god even exists if they really wanted to know or were curious enough by doing research on the internet they would be able to find out for themselves, rather than going through life or the rest of their life short sighted or blind to what exists or what is there so to speak.

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