As studios will not be open over Easter Weeks, I will need to finish making any development outcomes this week, or do any quick experiments using the studios. I can plan what I will do over the Easter holidays to make sure I make most of the time and do work that I need to and prepare any work that I will do at studios when I get back. I will need to make sure I have everything I need and can ask tutors for advice. Read texts given on moodle and any advise provided. Add to my research and bibliography. I am not able to leave any work at Archway, so will have to decide on what I will do with outcomes depending on the size, how I will transport them home or store them safely. I must have the idea of my final outcome plan how long it will take to make I may have to start making the final outcome early on if I am needing to use the studios at Archway as they will not be open over Easter I will have to plan what I do around this. Improve on work with the materials I have access to, amend, distort and experiment with the materials. Archway, Kings Cross for taught days and work from home on sketchbook and workflow. 

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