I have been inspired by artists work I have explored. Especially the piece 'Giacometti head on a rod' by Alberto Giacometti. By the title of his work I get the impression straight away that it is a self portrait of himself, which I find strange and an interesting way to view yourself. The head is stuck on the end of a rod as if his head has been cut off or beheaded. I like the dark emotion it carries, there is no colour and appears to carry psychotic elements. This is a type of emotion I want to present in my own work but in a good manner, I don't want to create mine as if its a horror, I don't want my outcome to be scary but I want it to be taken seriously and have truth in it, almost like a strange informative story (clip). I like the texture of the sculpture its rough and looks almost sharp and dangerous but the materials he's used it would be soft, delicate and not hurt you to touch.


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