This week will be Progress tutorials, I will make any last minute changes and have my sketchbook and workflow up to date to ensure I get the best feedback I can. By listening to feedback I will be able to get advice and if I should do anything differently. From the physical experimental pieces created the previous week, I will see if I can challenge these outcomes further or if there is an element I want to explore to develop further ideas. Collect and objects to inspire outcomes, and continue to take pictures of what I see around to draw inspiration from every day life. Depending on what I make and the size it is I will need to think how I will decide to store it. I will need to evaluate what I have made and make critical judgements of my outcomes.I will need to document these outcomes in my book and refer to workflow and moodle to make sure I am achieving the aim that I set out to do. I can refer to the brief to check there is anything I am missing from my work or need to explore further. Form conclusions on work, respond to the feedback from the progress tutorials and work accordingly. I will be at Kings Cross, I can use the Library and explore books around any new related ideas that I have. Archway and work from home. 

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