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SOLKOA Survival Kit for Best Made

In case of emergency: behold 18.75 cubic inches of ultra-light, machined, aluminum, in which you will find 25 of the most highly considered and useful life saving tools you could ask for. Then take a deep breath. Think happy thoughts...

Virtually indestructible, the “SUMA” box is machined from a single block of aircraft grade 6061 aluminum, and its contents are secured by a rubber gasket and Velcro® straps. The SUMA container is strong enough for digging, and its Type III hard anodized aluminum allows for safe boiling and cooking. This is a small, lightweight, and extremely valuable kit that we hope you’ll never have to use. But should you or a loved one ever deploy it, you’ll be glad you chose what is, without a doubt, the best survival kit on the market.

Contents include:

  • Emergency Fishing Kit
  • Emergency Blanket Orange/Silver(56” x 84”)
  • Emergency Sewing Kit
  • Duct Tape (2” x 24”)
  • P-38 Can Opener
  • Thread line (14 lb. test)
  • Kevlar Line (15’, 135 lb. test)
  • IDL T 10 Mini Multi Tool
  • Steel Wire (24”)
  • Cotton Pad
  • Antibiotic Ointment Packet
  • Alcohol Prep Pad
  • 14 mm Button Compass
  • Emergency Signaling Mirror
  • Photon II White LED Micro Light
  • Emergency Whistle
  • Pencil with eraser
  • 5 Sheets Rite in the Rain Paper
  • Fresnel Magnifying Lens (4x power)
  • Emergency Waterproof Matches
  • 6 Fire Tinder Tabs
  • Sparking Flint Rod (8mm x 80mm)
  • Steel Hacksaw Blade (3”)
  • 6 Water Purification Tablets
  • Waterproof Bag – 9″ x 10″, 144 in sq
  • Folding Razor Blade

I like how this kit is very small but includes a large large amount of items. It's a good example to look at while I am working out which items are crucial for me to include in my design.

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