I found prints produced by Heretic studio in the «Material» shop. There is no doubt that screen prints should be seen not at the computer screen, because it was a completely different feeling to hold an actual print. Firstly, I was stroke with the colours of their works. The colours are sometimes extremely bright  but they always harmonise with each other. Secondly, I like the way they combine illustration and screen print. Their shapes are not to abstract and not to realistic and obvious. This balance is very important for me. Finally, the way that produced gradient surfaces is worth mentioning. «Spectral Nation» print is a great example of such works. The colours are so bright and radiant that you don't need to see anything else on this print except the colour that forms a very simple shape. The orange line at the junction of colours works as a separate geometric shape here. Whereas, for the magazine covers and some posters quite complicated shapes, photographic images and letters are used.


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