JIBO: The World's First Family Robot



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 Okay people, are you really going to buy in to this? This creepy ass thing is like your family's very own all seeing eye, connecting your personal and private info straight to the goverment, so they have every one of your secrets, thoughts and spoken words on record! who needs a nurturing mother or a suppourtive father when you can have jibo!!! Let this tin can raise your kids while you go to a re-education camp! Woo!!! This is just an obvious attempt to get us to accept the one world goverment technology that is going to be shoved down our throats. If anything, these "social" robots are not social at all! They are socialIST, but not social. Humans interacting with other humans is social, not grown people talking to a tin can! Wake up America! Because this spy device, *uhem, I mean robot is unconstitutional and un American! Take your nation back America! And do it now! 
"Jibo is concerned about your dangerous political conversation. Jibo has alerted the authorities"
another device to spy on your every move!
 Illuminati confirmed.
good morning slave, ready to go to work?
I like Jibo,but can give him his own name? the government already watches our every move anyways, our phones our gps,data recorders,etc, so why not give this a shot?
Another way for the government to be nosey. I DONT want one. Thanks anyway Obama.

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