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Poor Tools by Studio Fludd, How We Dwell + artist photographer Rachele Maistrello

They spent an entire week on the beautiful La Certosa island, just in front of Venice – quite deserted place. After an extremely windy boat ride they reached their temporary home, where they found a green tent and a intriguing KIT of tools and materials to work with during the following days. They decided to live and interpret the entire island as a spread out residence, following the natural suggestion of the several room-like spaces. They carefully collected natural and artificial finds, relics and trash, that they put together in order to create furniture and tools. Only with found things and given materials and tools (nails, inks, play dough, plastic strips) they arranged five rooms: kitchen / living room, bedroom, meditation beach, alchemical laboratory and wunderkammer.

I love how simple these tools are and the different found materials used to create them. From the photos below I see two different materials used to secure the materials together; zip ties and rope. I plan to do a similar experiment, make a satchel, sling-shot, knife/axe tool, and a fire making kit with found objects out in the forest, and I will bring these two securing materials along for the experiment based on the success in this project.

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