week 25 - 12/03/15

For me today, I felt really happy to get some more reassurance from Kathleen that my project has made progress and is on the right track. 

There are still some areas that I really need to catchup on, so I decided to write a list for myself to try and check some of these things over the next couple days. Lists always help me to keep organized, and I always feel satisfied and accomplished when I can cross things off.

I have been struggling to come up with primary research activities that I can do in connection to the forest and survival so during tutorial today I asked for help with this. Kathleen and the Nature Group helped with many suggestions, and we came up with creating four objects; a satchel, sling-shot, axe/knife (tool with blade), and a fire making kit--one set with materials found in the woods, one made with different weights of paper and a scalpel, and lastly another set made in the workshops. I love these ideas and am really happy with the brainstorming session results. I love the ideas because I think it will help me to discover a lot more about weaving, knot and making techniques with natural found materials, as well as making different shapes and designs. My goal is to look at these different aesthetics and discover which one I like best and which will be the best fit for my final outcome. 

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