I explored games through my research, looking at the illuminati board game. It has powerful messages about, New world Order, control, violent groups, destroying peaceful groups, girlie magazines, porn, control on what we can read or watch. I made my own online game exploring 'useless eaters'. All this information is so open in media, we are told in music song lyrics about the world order and the illuminati, it is so open because they are so confident they will not be stopped. I used an image from google, and drew my own adaptation from it of a woman in a pink nightie with rollers in her hair like she's at home. I downloaded a free trial to do this and managed to figure out what to do. The free trial has come to an end so if I wish to explore this further I will have to find another software of see if there is a game making software that you can get on macs. The woman moves left, right, up and down. She doesn't do anything, she holds a doughnut in her hand and is useless. She is all by herself trapped in a space, not affecting anyone, no one knowing about her. I think to explore this idea further looking at food and the useless eaters concept can lead me to discover other notions or fabrications of the truth.

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