Seeing the Fire Station and the trucks, made me think about how much responsibility can be put on one person to perform, and live up to high expectations. This could be explored in many scenarios, the government, puppets, Obama, celebrities. Hitler said anyone will believe a big lie if you tell it over and over, it will convince small minded people. People can be controlled so that nothing is a surprise anymore, or its the way the world is or works, but that is not the case. Celebrities die, but its ok because everyone dies, people in power die but its life, get over it, theres nothing that can be done. Use of cover ups and hoaxes. The newspaper prints articles every day. No one is perfect, everyone makes mistakes, there are going to be bad people in the world, but no one will be ready or ever admit it. When anything small happens it becomes a big scandal to distract from the main atrocity. The government are viewed in 'newspapers' a lot of the time as perfect and angelic like. But the government is hated by many people, tax payers. The people in power live off the rich. I thought these are very interesting dilemmas.  I explored the lightness and the darkness in the two images below and the different effects they have, which can be explored when I do development work of developed pieces. Exploring what image is atheistically pleasing and why. Whether the colour can alter the emotion and make us entranced by one and not the other.

© Ruth Zoe Andreas, all rights reserved