From going to see Grayson Perry's work I was inspired by the bright colours. To me his work has dark emotion behind it, or pain which I find interesting. I have been doing work in my sketchbook, and drawing from images. This has inspired me to look at humans. I have been inspired by the images of peoples faces and the emotion or pain that is shown in them, the way the body can be manipulated by attire or the skin beneath. I have been researching about the government, exploring ideals that newspapers are controlled and what is printed is controlled. The government want to brainwash us and make us think a certain way, which is how 'stereotypes' could be explained. I thought about using wires, and explore it as a form of communication. People communicate with others, the living and the dead, spirits and demons and ideals can be perverse. I explored sexuality, one side to the agenda. Young children being formed. I watched 'The tenant of wildfell hall' an adaption of Anne Brontë's novel. A young boy was coerced into behaving badly by his father, it was a joke to him, he forced him to drink wine, shoot wild birds, be disrespectful towards women. The young boy didn't know this was wrong, but it gave his father joy so he enjoyed doing it. After watching his father shoot birds, he killed the small pet bird kept in a cage. This shows how something can have an effect on you, and when your young you don't realise what your doing, and can grow up with a mindset that 'bad' is 'good' and 'good' is 'bad'. It shows the effect of what we watch, where we go, who we communicate with can have strong sentiments, unseen to the eye, but eaten up by the brain.

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