For my tutorial sadly I was unable to make it. I was looking forward to getting feedback. Although I managed to go to the National Portrait Gallery. I wanted to go there as Grayson Perry was exhibiting his work. His work was spread out around the gallery and you had to find it. His work stood out from the other pieces in the gallery. His work is fairly modern, whereas all the other pieces displayed where traditional so it was easy to spot his work. This could be a factor why he wanted to display his work in this setting so it would stand out amongst the duller pieces. One of his pieces, was the biggest it was a tapestry on the wall, it used bright colours, it dominated the whole of the space with its size and colour. There was an image on it which looked humorous and very cartoon like. I preferred his work to the other pieces as they are some what modern, but personally it didn't grab my attention, it wasn't something I could stare at for ages, I felt once I had seen it that was it, I didn't particularly care to examine the detail. I feel that his work seemed flat, it didn't excite me, the subject areas didn't greatly interest me. You can tell often from looking at something that the concept is complex and makes you excited, for some reason I didn't feel this looking at his work, I felt it was dull. I found aspects of the pieces interesting and the detail.

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