I have added to my research pages, also to my sketchbook. I am happy with my development and how far I have come so far. I have experimented with various ideas and materials. I have thought and examined contentious ideologies. I have discovered a lot and about 'lies' and 'deception' in the government, the power of money, the influences fed on children. I watched the popular film 'ghost' , percific parts reminded me of parts of the research I have done and sections from the bible. How when you did the spirit leaves the body, in the film the bad people were taken away by demons and bad spirits, the people that had led a good life were allowed to live on the earth and do good before being taken away by good spirits. The bad people were tormented by demons which would be for eternity and the good people would live in peace. There was a lot of talking to the dead and communication with spirits which is wrong to do in the bible. You shouldn't communicate with the dead, it is communication with demons or spirits. There is a fascination with doing this, can be influenced through films and media, advertising. The film had strong energy behind it, although the editing was obviously fake it still had an impact. Films, songs, games can be satanically inspired. Looking at the effects of war, holocaust, actions, it can only be inspired by one thing. There is only good and evil in this world no in-between. The saying two faced, is insightful, it reminds me of the film 'The Dark Knight' Harvey Dents face becomes 'ugly/evil' one side, the whole film he is obsessed with two sides, in the end he finally adopts this and becomes two faced and destructive. It shows how a good person can become evil, by the effects around them.

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