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Finish Garden Shed by Ville Hara & Linda Bergroth

It is a unique prefabricated garden shed that combines a green house with storage space and comes in ready made elements that can be assembled by simply using a screwdriver. The Garden Shed is made from Finnish pine and safety glass and equipped with automatic openers to control the temperature inside. It is designed to fit in the Scandinavian landscape and has a traditional gabled roof typical in the area because of the weather conditions. The product comes in natural wood and can be painted according to taste and the surrounding area. The wall elements function as support for folding shelves: glass shelves for the greenhouse that allows the sun reach all the plants and wooden shelves in two sizes for storage use.

This classic structured house has a skelatol frame with transparent glass surfaces between basic clean lines. I love how this structure is transparent allowing the beauty of its interior to be seen from the outside, as well as the beautiful natural scenery to be seen from inside. This structure allows minimal solid frame work, allowing as much windows as possible. I like that all the wardening tools are out back, making it easy for the user to live off the surrounding land.

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