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Tree Chair's Family by Nacho Carbonell

Tree Chair issues from a fairytale-like fantasy about a wooden chair that looks out of the window one day and realizes that it used to be just like the trees outside. Yearning to return to its former state, the chair grows to become a hybrid tree-chair. Users can choose to sit on it ‘normally’ but can also climb into the upper part via the ladder, from which position they can observe events below from a safe place on high or – even better – can roll up and take a nap. For the coating, the designer made use of a mixture of dried leaves, among other things. In conjunction with the Tree Chair, the other two objects, which were realized this year, form a kind of family of individuals, each with its own character.

I love that these chair's represent the act of climbing a tree, the easy way, by leaning a ladder against it to climb that to the desired branch. I like that it also functions of a form of treehouse, and combined with a small pod on the top where someone can curl up and relax.

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