From doing brief experiments last week I started presenting more involved concepts and planning ideas in my sketchbook. Having displayed my ideas of 'Happy Aliens' which I felt I was starting to explore psychotic emotions behind my work. I think what helped display this emotion was, the effects of the lighting, I took the pictures at night time. I have perceived that lighting can alter dimensions. If these pictures were taken during the day I think it would not have such a strong effect as it does on the viewer. The image would appear more natural. The contrast of the 'alien' against the dark night sky and wall can be suggestive and raise questions or stereotypes would not be pleasing to some. I think this is interesting and I could explore taking pictures at night of towns and situations, and compare to during the day, and to experiment with ideas that I think could create the atmosphere I want to manipulate.

Having explored newspaper in my sketchbook and marked out several ideas I wanted to start to explore other materials so that I can come back to newspaper and possibly combine several ideas. As I like working with mixed media I felt that I should explore what other textures could be created. I used latex. I used small sculptures that I made at Archway using plaster and clay as a mould. I poured latex over the sculptures and used a paintbrush to ensure the surface was covered entirely. As I used a lot of latex it took a while to set. As some of my ideas involved looking at food I thought I could combine this idea within the material. I thought I could use a type of fruit that I could poor the latex into. I was interested to see if the latex would pick up any of the pattern or texture of the food as it set inside. The only food I had available which would achieve the result I wanted was an apple. I used a kitchen tool to remove the whole of the inside of the apple, I rucked up parts of the surface, to see if this would make any difference to how the mould turned out. I poured latex into the apple until it was filled to the top. The latex took ages to set inside the apple, probably because there wasn't a lot of air getting into the apple. I cut parts of the outside of the apple of so the latex wasn't as protected, this sped the process up a lot. 

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