TEXTILE FORUM - week 24 - 04/03/15

Today I headed to the Textile Forum textile trade show in hopes of stumbling upon some interesting natural materials, like leather and fur. I was expecting the number of vendors to be larger but I found the variety of materials, patterns, and appliqués to be interesting. 

One booth in particular that I was interested in visiting was G.H. Leathers Ltd., which had been recommended to me by the materials librarian, Jess. They had a large range of cowhides, lambskins, furs, and more, with a wide range of colours. I was hoping to find a lambskin or cow leather tanned and dyed to a dark chocolate brown, but didn't quite find what I was looking for. I did however grab a sample of a thin black leather with a stretchy backing. Although I am not set with a design, I do this this leather would be easy to work with as it is thin, but depending on what I'm doing it may be too thin. I am interested to see what I will do in experimenting with this materials.

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