Media Virus

My project is about mass culture and mass media allows it’s  to exist and grow rapidly.  So I decided to research about media. I found lots of thought provoking information in this book. The author explains patterns of occurrence of popular ideas in society. The author calls these ideas - “mems”. He is talking about the structure and nature of such ideas. According to the theory of author there are natural mems and carefully designed mems. Those ideas contain of scandalous and catchy outer layer that capture peoples attention. But in the core that is hidden at the beginning could contain absolutely different and dangerous for the existing system ideas.

This hidden idea ofter are much more dangerous that the open propaganda. May be caches of this the Beatles were prohibited in USSR. On the outer side their music didn't contain any thing agains communism. But the songs convey the feeling of freedom. And that desire and foreboding of freedom was really dangerous for the existing social structure in USSR.

Also, he claims that “infosphere”(electronic communication and networking as a whole) acts like a nature force: according to the laws of chaotic system. He features these laws. For instance the law of “self-similarity”. You can see on TV that someone is watching TV. This system promoting itself like this. The show that has something about “infosphere” should achieve commercial susses. There is worth mentioning, that politicians and even the presidential candidates sometimes use those scandals or already existed ideas to manipulate the feelings and the attitude of people. 

For example the scandal around William Horton( American convicted felon) was used during electioneering by George bush to undermine the position of Dukakis.

 That was successful at the beginning. But then the second meaning of this “mem” appeared. Horton was black and his victims was white, that fact caused a huge public reaction and undermine the authority of Bush. That is the great example of double-decker ideas. The manipulation of such ideas  could lead to unpredictable consequences.



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