For the Sci fi effect on the model I used gel and wax for the hair to create an unnatural, greasy,wet texture and sharp look. I used my hands to blend the gold spray on the hair onto the forehead and added glitter also to the face. Gold eye shadow gave an iciness to the lips. Silver eyeshadow was brushed onto the eyelids and a touch of silver was worked onto the eyebrows. A blue pencil was used to outline the lips. I placed the wire helmet onto the head. I made a structured dress out of aluminium foil using sellotape and water bottles to give the dress shape and volume.

I constructed a wire helmet which appears to be protective but has holes in it which indicates a certain vulnerability. Similarly the government control and brainwashing on society through media and film. I wanted to create a film like scene to correspond this idea. Humans are controlled, we like to show and demonstrate the power we have through rebellion but there are always consequences that cannot be got away from, it is a government controlled state. I was inspired through the research I did looking at Cady Noland and Richard Prince, the psychotic elements in their work I feel I have achieved this. There is a sense of nostalgia and a wanting of existence that cannot be subsidised. The artists work I have explored so far are strange, and weird, something that cannot be understood easily, I feel I want to push myself further in my work and these ideas, to create a piece that appears even weirder to the eye. I want my work to create tension between the piece and the viewer. The concept needs to reflect the seriousness of my ideas I am exploring. I am happy of my outcome for this work, but I feel I need to challenge my use of materials further and create something I have not done before. The lighting and closeups of the images work well, but the images that show a scene, I find more interesting as more is going on than just an image of an 'alien'. I also experimented with the colour, changing the tone of the skin to green and manipulating the emotion of the scene by using various contrasts. I need to think about what I will do next. I want my work and the development, to be deranged, to explore anything and everything I want to, to find what works best with what I'm trying to achieve whether it be the medium or materials.

The photos were taken in a garage to simulate a dusty, dirty environment were tools were used.


The character that was created was inspired from the 1980s and from Queen’s pop song: ‘Another one bites the dust.’ I was inspired by the sound, style and rough hair. By looking at music and how high standards are upheld to create the perfect image, perfect sound and perfect environment. I experimented with this idea, by creating the ‘perfect’ image and being surrounded by an environment that is not so pleasing, to experiments with the ideals of ‘ugly’ and ‘beauty’.  There is a start contrast between the models bright, fashionable outfit and a dirty garage. I wanted to contradict the ‘full package’ that exists in this industry by placing an ‘upper class’ in a ‘lower class’ environment to remove judgement from a place or environment you come. I was also inspired by the manner of sexualisation that I have explored in my research within the media including newspapers and especially television. I am interested in this but also why there is so much of it, there has to be a hidden purpose, which goes deeper than it first appears. I want to explore the plans of the government, elite, higher power, for example the need for a break down in families, and what were not being told ( a hidden agenda).

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