I used foil to experiment with as I like the strong, silver colour it has, I thought about using it as part of the body, to become a creation. The texture reminded me of objects I have seen out of sci- fi films or like Star Wars. I wanted to get the idea across of Brainwashing. To create a new species that had joined earth. There is a lot of controversy related to whether aliens exist, and the control of the media, that they feed you stories over and over until they are believable. I used the wire, mesh helmet which I created in a previous unit. I wanted to use this as I felt it was relevant and related to the ideas I wanted to put across. Previously I made the helmet, but didn't give it a featuring purpose but stood it on a mahicans head to present it, I felt I wanted to give it a purpose and use in relation to this unit, to help build other developing ideas and outcomes. The material experiment, I created a crown out of the foil to surround the diameter of the head. I used a comb to make holes in the foil and push sections of the hair through. I wanted the outcome to demonstrate a world of unrealism and that what can be created can be reflected to demonstrate 'normalities' which are not necessarily there.

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