16/02/15 (READING WEEK)


By going to Kings Cross Library I found very useful books. I took pictures of the texts and photos that I found particularly interesting. I was excited to find so many books that I would find valuable to the progress of my work, and thinking process. During the week I have to create a selection of work that corresponds to the gathered research. I found a book called ' exposures' it contained lots of colourful and dysfunctional images. It contained image stills of performance, I could tell the concepts were strange behind the work, as it reflected in the use of materials and the way it was demonstrates the thought gone into the piece. The way normalities were taken out of context and displayed in an abnormal function. The purposes of humans were altered to give a higher significance of add an effect in conjunction. An image of a man, his face painted white had red coloured eyes, he had simple alterations to his appearance but these small touches made me think how it had a big significance, how a face can be changed so much in appearance, to change a soft face, to a scary almost demonic replica. The man had blood on his face which suggests implications of death. Some images created a salonist space. I am interested in this and think it is something I can explore in my own work. The aspects of death, I can use in response to the research I will be doing relating to the corruption of the CIA, and the killing of 'useless eaters' which I have yet to explore. The images in the book, humans were depicted in a new light and shown to be a subject, sculpture or animalistic, never in their original context. This will be interesting to experiment with to see how I can change the appearance of a human and change the emotions behind the work I create. 

I found another book called 'Punk, No one is innocent'. This statement can be explored further within my own context and ideas I want to analyse. Punk was about rebellion and standing out, finding power which is what dominates the minds of many. The period contained strong symbolism and desired abolishment of the mainstream 'normalities' and desired change and value to be wanted.

The text: 'see no evil' states a wanting, desiring (almost lust) towards objects. Something you want and must have. Similarly to research I have conducted exploring the desires of the government and The CIA, they are so confident and determined in their desires, they believe no one can stop them, some aspects are open, others hidden.

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