For this week I will spend most of my time researching artists, and exploring concepts that are related to my chosen subject matter. I will visit current exhibitions that are related to my work by material or concept, or that will be beneficial to inspire further related ideas. Look for artists that have psychotic elements behind their work, or that I find disturbing. Explore work from the Saatchi Gallery. 

Constantly plan out ideas that I am curious about that I wish to research. Establish the materials and themes I will be exploring. I will analyse and collect information surrounding the term ‘free speech’ and explore the impact the government has on the media by reading articles. I will explore the emotion and psychotic elements behind artists including Cady Noland and Richard Prince. I need to make sure I am looking at the style of artists that I really want to depict in my own work. I can refer to previous sketchbooks to refresh myself of the development and if I can use any of the previous ideas to inspire me further. Add further to research file and bibliography.

As the studios will not be open this week, I will work at home and at the Library. I will gather research from books, online searches and taking notes from films related to my chosen subject matter. Galleries. 

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