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Both artists deal with the idea of ordering chaos, which was something I was particularly interested in and decided to focus on for my own work. I want to eventually order my own house, but for now I began by ordering smaller spaces, starting with my makeup bag, and living room. I catalogued every item and then I have to present it in an interesting way, perhaps using a graph.

As the project has  developed and continued I have thought about my idea from a more psychological, sociological perspective. I've been thinking about how much 'stuff' I seem to have, but how little of It I actually use or need! These thoughts have been furthered by something I recently saw on Tele called 'Tiny House Nation' about a fairly recent craze in American, with small homes. The Advert showed a woman saying that she never wanted more things that the ones that can fit in her car. I think it would be interesting to explore this idea in my work, to somehow evoke thought in the viewer and to make them question.


It could also be an interesting project to create a visual profile or graph, of how many object I have, use, need or love then compare this to other people and see the different results.


'We buy things we don't need with money we don't have to impress people we don't like' - Fight Club


I have found the real struggle to be how to present my information in an innovative and interesting way. To evoke thought in the viewer and make them think about the objects that define a modern person. And what the object we have say about us.

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