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Student Name: SHENGYI CHEN Project Title: Loss & Grief

Section 1

Through the Foundation course I fully realised the importance of supporting primary and secondary research. Fully using the library and museum resources can make the idea development more simple and effective. The reflection and self-evaluation help me identify weaknesses and areas for improvement. Through the group discussions and the presentations I became better at verbal communication and also my English improved a lot compared to the start of the course. My ability to visually express myself and my time management ability became more and more mature through the sketchbook and portfolio making. Learning new technical skills such as soldering, leather cutting etc. always makes me excited. And the more deeply my understanding of the jewellery becomes, the more I gain from it.

Section 2

What makes jewelry precious? This is the question I have been asking myself. In contemporary China, because of the restriction of the traditional thought, most people still think that gold and precious stones represent wealth and identity. They would rather spend a lot of money on that kind of “jewelry” than design. This causes the slow development of contemporary jewellery in my country. I want to change this attitude towards contemporary jewellery and make more and more people realise that jewellery is not just about precious materials. Jewellery can be stories, emotions and even the connection of different individuals. I would like to be a jewellery designer and also a reformer.

Section 3

My unit 7 project title is “Loss & Grief”. The starting point is Non-verbal communication. Non-verbal communication is a kind of communication but without talking. It is more about visual communication. This reminds me of the meaning of the objects. Julia Deville is a jewellery designer. Most of her work is based on real animals; her mourning style jewellery represents the loss of life and the beauty of the world. She gave her jewellery a kind of meaning. The tokens from the London Foundling Museum represent the loss and grief of the mothers. Based on these, I use “Loss & Grief’’ as the theme. I don’t want this project to be too personal, so I decided to focus on the history of the Second World War. In the Second World War we lost a lot of things like homeland, families, friends, dignity etc. When we loose these things, we feel pain and grief. London was a very important zone of the Second World War and has plenty of resources that can be researched. I will go to the Imperial War Museum to find the stories between soldiers and citizens and fully use the resources in the library. I want to make a piece of jewellery that can represent the loss and grief of the Second World war and the most important thing is hopefully that it can tell everyone stories of grief through my final outcome.

Section 4

I will evaluate my progress and review my outcomes by recording everything of my work and taking feedback from my tutors and peers. And the reflective journal is also a good way to improve my work and evaluate it. I will use model making to find the best way to explain my ideas.

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