week 23 - 01/03/15

Over the weekend I have been able to collect more art and design precedents, but they really seem to be never ending. I've really been struggling to know where the end is when it comes to collecting research. Because my background in research from my past College studies has been purely academic, I need to remind myself to not get over board when it comes to collecting textual references. I have been lucky to find so many design references related to the categories I am looking at, but still I feel I am struggling to leave one area and move on to the next.

I have been nervous to move my information collected on Workflow into my sketchbook, and there are so many areas that I am unsure of moving. I keep asking myself if each piece of information is relevant enough to move into my sketchbook or not. Because I am so confused with this, I think I am starting to waste time with the organization of my sketchbook. I decided that the best way for me to move along is to start leaving blank pages to be filled in later. I really want to check with Kathleen tomorrow at my progress tutorial to get her opinion on what needs to go in the sketchbook, and what needs to stay just on Workflow.

This week I have a lot of work to catch up on. I have ideas in my mind of products within the focus of survival, but I need to start getting them into my sketchbook before I fall too far behind. I want to explore the idea of creating some form of survival kit, but I still need to find a specific aim or target market to design for.

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