The two workshops today were very unexpected, and very useful. I have really benefited from the past workshops, and although I may be frustrated at the time, I do really like them. These workshops were also frustrating and helpful for the most part. 

The first workshop I participated in was the Narratives in Design Tool Kit with Chris. Early on in my project I have been looking at different narratives so these exercises really helped me to understand them better. My partner Calvin and I looked at My Other Half by ROKOS. Luckily enough this product was easy to understand without further research of the item, and no back story was needed for me to understand. The other products that we looked at were necessary to look at the back stories to fully understand the product. Surprisingly I really had an okay time finding the correct answers for the cards because I understood the narrative of the product. This really helped me when it came to looking at the narrative of my project based on my direction. There are some holes in the WHY and WHAT of my project, both of which I am confident that I will figure out as the project progresses. I hope we can do this again at the end of the project.

For the afternoon design workshop with Kathleen, I found it helpful that we looked back on the process of our past projects to help build a skeleton of our afternoon activities. We spoke about the Structure & Surface project first, and ended up creating keywords for our group topic [Nature], like the keywords that were provided to us in our past project. Our group provided a number of different words, with my favourites being beauty, fear, shelter, life, survivor, layered, and adaptation. Next week I will look at collecting photos that represent those words to me, to share with my group. As a group we selected the two words fear and growth for the afternoon exercise. 

I think I have improved my drawing skills over the past couple months, but I am still nervous to draw sometimes because I know the quality of the drawings is not as strong as my peers. As we started drawing things that reminded us of ear and growth I felt intimidated by my group members drawings and struggled to come up with ones that I felt were to as high of a standard as theirs. I did however manage to fill the page with drawings that represented those words to me. A big step that I know I need to take is getting over the fact that I think I am a bad drawer, and just go for it.

Again, I felt like I struggled to come up with ideas when our group settled on focusing on creating ideas based on the fear of the unknown. I know I was over thinking it, and I believe that the time constraint to this exercise also was damaging to my thought process. I ended up settling with one of my designs that was a coffee table with a removable lid that wasn't for storage, but was actually a nesting pod for someone to sit in and relax. To me this has a connection to the unknown because often coffee tables offer storage not a space for a human to relax in. My paper model could definitely been improved and I hope to work on it sometime over the next couple days so that I can present something that I am happy with.

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